"The piece for our cake cutting was perfect!"
Louis and Marie A.


The String Beings Quartet

A String Beings Trio is two violins and a cello.

A Quartet adds a viola. The quartet has more harmony and is better for groups of 125 or more.

Playing out of doors is something we love (though we do need shade) and our music carries up to 1/4 mile. We are skilled at accompanying singers (at all levels!) and people do dance to our music.

Being completely acoustic our only need is four sturdy chairs. Our work uniform is formal black and white, and break 10 minutes on the hour.

What could be more elegant than dining and being serenaded with fine music by
The String Beings?

"Everyone was thrilled with the music..Play it Again, Van!"
H. and Laurie B.


I don't want a little thing like money to stand in the way of you having my beautiful music played at your wedding. In this challenging year, we are offering substantial discounts to those who qualify (that would be everybody!)
All prices will still include travel, sharps, flats and rests!
Thank you
Van S. Vinikow (Supreme Being)